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10 year old me was so pissed that Gabriella would sacrifice true love for a dumb school but 2014 me now accepts that Gabriella was smart like home girl knew she could find dick everywhere YALL SHE GOT INTO FUCKIN STANFORD. FUCKIN. STANFORD. FUK TROY BOLTON’S WHITE ASS 

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Do you two fall back into old routines when you meet?

HADER: For everyone around us, it sucks. What are they talking about? A butterfly and a bird on a branch?
WIIG: [writer-director] Craig [Johnson] just had to deal with it on set: “O.K., they’re doing it again.”
HADER: At “SNL,” we called it the Friday night crazies, because by Friday night, everyone’s exhausted. Kristen and I and Fred [Armisen] would really go bonkers.
WIIG: You’d just hear over the loudspeakers, “O.K.! Guys! Please!”
HADER: And I’d be fitting Kristen into a refrigerator. Or we’d do a thing where one of us would mouth the words on camera, and we’d do each other’s voices.
WIIG: Everyone would be like, “Year 3 of that joke.”
HADER: "And it’s never been funny."

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Kindred Spirits Try Something New – Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Star in ‘The Skeleton Twins’


the most unrealistic thing about high school musical is that they let ryan wear hats in class

That’s just what acting is.  You just look at what’s going on and what I do is just fool myself into believing that it’s happening. Did you fall in love with me? Yeah, Aubrey, I fell in love with you. I fell in love with you too. I know, you told me. Cool.

Top 10 Studio Ghibli Films (As Voted By My Followers)
#09: Ponyo

@staff can u delete the serial killer fandom
*freak dances to misogynistic rap music but with God and womanism in my heart*

then you wouldn’t be Leslie Knope.


"are you talking to yourself"

no i’m breaking the fourth wall

I love you, Nick Miller.